- All rates in US dollars (USD)

- Calls are charged at a per minute rate and rounded up to the minute.

- No connection fee.

rate 1AfghanistanLandline25.1 ¢/min
rate 1AfghanistanMobile21.9 ¢/min
rate 1AlbaniaLandline12.6 ¢/min
rate 1AlbaniaMobile39.8 ¢/min
rate 1AlbaniaOlo1.39 $/min
rate 1AlgeriaAlgiers7.4 ¢/min
rate 1AlgeriaCat7.3 ¢/min
rate 1AlgeriaLandline7.8 ¢/min
rate 1AlgeriaMobile37.8 ¢/min
rate 1American SamoaLandline4.4 ¢/min
rate 1American SamoaMobile4.7 ¢/min
rate 1AndorraLandline8.0 ¢/min
rate 1AndorraMobile8.1 ¢/min
rate 1AngolaLandline8.5 ¢/min
rate 1AngolaMobile10.0 ¢/min
rate 1AnguillaLandline7.4 ¢/min
rate 1AnguillaMobile18.9 ¢/min
rate 1AntarcticaLandline1.83 $/min
rate 1AntarcticaMobile1.83 $/min
rate 1Antigua and BarbudaAnd barbuda17.2 ¢/min
rate 1Antigua and BarbudaAudiotext18.2 ¢/min
rate 1Antigua and BarbudaLandline10.1 ¢/min
rate 1Antigua and BarbudaMobile29.5 ¢/min
rate 1ArgentinaLandline1.3 ¢/min
rate 1ArgentinaMobile10.6 ¢/min
rate 1ArmeniaKarabakh8.1 ¢/min
rate 1ArmeniaLandline11.8 ¢/min
rate 1ArmeniaMobile17.7 ¢/min
rate 1ArubaLandline11.3 ¢/min
rate 1ArubaMobile22.5 ¢/min
rate 1AscensionLandline1.68 $/min
rate 1AscensionMobile1.68 $/min
rate 1Australia christmas island2.0 ¢/min
rate 1AustraliaAdelaide2.1 ¢/min
rate 1AustraliaBrisbane1.9 ¢/min
rate 1AustraliaCanberra1.9 ¢/min
rate 1AustraliaLandline3.3 ¢/min
rate 1AustraliaMelbourne2.3 ¢/min
rate 1AustraliaMobile4.5 ¢/min
rate 1AustraliaPerth1.5 ¢/min
rate 1AustraliaSydney1.5 ¢/min
rate 1AustraliaTelstra3.9 ¢/min
rate 1AustriaLandline1.5 ¢/min
rate 1AustriaMobile4.5 ¢/min
rate 1AzerbaijaniLandline21.9 ¢/min
rate 1AzerbaijaniMobile36.6 ¢/min
rate 1BahamasLandline7.6 ¢/min
rate 1BahamasMobile18.4 ¢/min
rate 1BahrainLandline5.3 ¢/min
rate 1BahrainMobile8.8 ¢/min
rate 1BangladeshLandline2.7 ¢/min
rate 1BangladeshMobile2.7 ¢/min
rate 1BarbadosLandline17.8 ¢/min
rate 1BarbadosMobile27.7 ¢/min
rate 1BelarusLandline24.5 ¢/min
rate 1BelarusMobile21.3 ¢/min
rate 1BelarusTelematic93.1 ¢/min
rate 1BelgiumLandline1.5 ¢/min
rate 1BelgiumMobile6.0 ¢/min
rate 1BelizeLandline26.5 ¢/min
rate 1BelizeMobile27.8 ¢/min
rate 1BeninLandline20.7 ¢/min
rate 1BeninMobile20.7 ¢/min
rate 1BermudaLandline3.5 ¢/min
rate 1BermudaMobile3.2 ¢/min
rate 1BhutanLandline7.4 ¢/min
rate 1BhutanMobile9.6 ¢/min
rate 1BoliviaLandline11.2 ¢/min
rate 1BoliviaMobile13.4 ¢/min
rate 1Bosnia and HerzegovinaLandline14.6 ¢/min
rate 1Bosnia and HerzegovinaMobile33.9 ¢/min
rate 1BotswanaLandline9.3 ¢/min
rate 1BotswanaMobile23.7 ¢/min
rate 1BrazilLandline1.5 ¢/min
rate 1BrazilMobile6.5 ¢/min
rate 1British Virgin IslandsLandline11.4 ¢/min
rate 1British Virgin IslandsMobile13.3 ¢/min
rate 1Brunei DarussalamLandline3.2 ¢/min
rate 1Brunei DarussalamMobile3.2 ¢/min
rate 1BulgariaLandline4.5 ¢/min
rate 1BulgariaMobile22.5 ¢/min
rate 1Burkina FasoLandline16.4 ¢/min
rate 1Burkina FasoMobile29.7 ¢/min
rate 1BurundiLandline53.1 ¢/min
rate 1BurundiMobile58.5 ¢/min
rate 1BurundiOnatel Fixed25.3 ¢/min
rate 1CambodiaLandline4.7 ¢/min
rate 1CambodiaMobile3.9 ¢/min
rate 1CameroonLandline15.8 ¢/min
rate 1CameroonMobile39.0 ¢/min
rate 1CameroonSpacemob95.0 ¢/min
rate 1CanadaLandline0.9 ¢/min
rate 1CanadaMobile0.9 ¢/min
rate 1Cape VerdeLandline19.2 ¢/min
rate 1Cape VerdeMobile28.5 ¢/min
rate 1Cayman IslandsLandline7.2 ¢/min
rate 1Cayman IslandsMobile18.0 ¢/min
rate 1Central African RepublicAudiotext38.2 ¢/min
rate 1Central African RepublicLandline35.9 ¢/min
rate 1Central African RepublicMobile43.1 ¢/min
rate 1Central African RepublicSpecial71.6 ¢/min
rate 1ChadLandline24.5 ¢/min
rate 1ChadMobile32.2 ¢/min
rate 1ChileEaster Island72.4 ¢/min
rate 1ChileLandline2.7 ¢/min
rate 1ChileMobile6.3 ¢/min
rate 1ChileRural11.3 ¢/min
rate 1ChileSpecial Services1.06 $/min
rate 1ChinaLandline0.9 ¢/min
rate 1ChinaMobile0.9 ¢/min
rate 1ColombiaCartagena2.3 ¢/min
rate 1ColombiaLandline2.3 ¢/min
rate 1ColombiaMobile6.1 ¢/min
rate 1CongoFixed Ct12.8 ¢/min
rate 1CongoLandline39.2 ¢/min
rate 1CongoMobile40.2 ¢/min
rate 1Cook IslandsLandline49.7 ¢/min
rate 1Cook IslandsMobile49.7 ¢/min
rate 1Cook IslandsPremium85.8 ¢/min
rate 1Cook IslandsTelecom cook85.8 ¢/min
rate 1Costa RicaClaro Fixed4.1 ¢/min
rate 1Costa RicaLandline1.7 ¢/min
rate 1Costa RicaMobile6.0 ¢/min
rate 1Costa RicaTelefonica Fixed8.1 ¢/min
rate 1Cote d'IvoireAbidjan23.3 ¢/min
rate 1Cote d'IvoireLandline23.3 ¢/min
rate 1Cote d'IvoireMobile33.2 ¢/min
rate 1Cote d'IvoireSpacemob1.21 $/min
rate 1CroatiaLandline1.7 ¢/min
rate 1CroatiaMobile15.3 ¢/min
rate 1CubaGuantanamo91.1 ¢/min
rate 1CubaLandline91.1 ¢/min
rate 1CubaMobile97.0 ¢/min
rate 1CyprusLandline2.0 ¢/min
rate 1CyprusMobile5.2 ¢/min
rate 1CyprusPager3.7 ¢/min
rate 1CzechLandline2.4 ¢/min
rate 1CzechMobile5.1 ¢/min
rate 1Democratic Republic of CongoGoma32.6 ¢/min
rate 1Democratic Republic of CongoLandline29.8 ¢/min
rate 1Democratic Republic of CongoMobile31.1 ¢/min
rate 1Democratic Republic of CongoOcpt31.5 ¢/min
rate 1Democratic Republic of CongoSattel1.35 $/min
rate 1DenmarkLandline0.9 ¢/min
rate 1DenmarkMobile5.5 ¢/min
rate 1Diego GarciaLandline1.73 $/min
rate 1Diego GarciaMobile1.00 $/min
rate 1DjiboutiLandline29.8 ¢/min
rate 1DjiboutiMobile29.8 ¢/min
rate 1DominicaLandline11.4 ¢/min
rate 1DominicaMobile19.2 ¢/min
rate 1Dominican RepublicLandline2.9 ¢/min
rate 1Dominican RepublicMobile7.6 ¢/min
rate 1EcuadorLandline12.4 ¢/min
rate 1EcuadorMobile24.1 ¢/min
rate 1EgyptLandline10.1 ¢/min
rate 1EgyptMobile5.7 ¢/min
rate 1El SalvadorLandline19.2 ¢/min
rate 1El SalvadorMobile19.2 ¢/min
rate 1Equatorial GuineaLandline19.6 ¢/min
rate 1Equatorial GuineaMobile21.3 ¢/min
rate 1EritreaLandline26.6 ¢/min
rate 1EritreaMobile26.5 ¢/min
rate 1EstoniaLandline2.0 ¢/min
rate 1EstoniaMobile38.7 ¢/min
rate 1EstoniaSpecial (NGN)58.0 ¢/min
rate 1EthiopiaLandline25.4 ¢/min
rate 1EthiopiaMobile25.5 ¢/min
rate 1Falkland IslandsLandline52.8 ¢/min
rate 1Falkland IslandsMobile93.5 ¢/min
rate 1Faroe IslandsLandline5.1 ¢/min
rate 1Faroe IslandsMobile10.5 ¢/min
rate 1FijiLandline22.9 ¢/min
rate 1FijiMobile22.9 ¢/min
rate 1FinlandCorporate5.7 ¢/min
rate 1FinlandLandline3.5 ¢/min
rate 1FinlandMobile7.6 ¢/min
rate 1FranceLandline1.5 ¢/min
rate 1FranceMobile3.1 ¢/min
rate 1French GuianaLandline1.5 ¢/min
rate 1French GuianaMobile8.9 ¢/min
rate 1French PolynesiaLandline20.0 ¢/min
rate 1French PolynesiaMobile29.8 ¢/min
rate 1Gabonese RepublicLandline54.1 ¢/min
rate 1Gabonese RepublicMobile47.9 ¢/min
rate 1GambiaLandline53.2 ¢/min
rate 1GambiaMobile53.2 ¢/min
rate 1GeorgiaLandline6.1 ¢/min
rate 1GeorgiaMobile11.4 ¢/min
rate 1GermanyLandline1.5 ¢/min
rate 1GermanyMobile4.5 ¢/min
rate 1GermanyPersonal Numbers14.8 ¢/min
rate 1GhanaLandline22.1 ¢/min
rate 1GhanaMobile19.2 ¢/min
rate 1GibraltarLandline4.0 ¢/min
rate 1GibraltarMobile17.8 ¢/min
rate 1GreeceLandline1.5 ¢/min
rate 1GreeceMobile4.5 ¢/min
rate 1GreenlandLandline55.5 ¢/min
rate 1GreenlandMobile55.5 ¢/min
rate 1GrenadaLandline19.2 ¢/min
rate 1GrenadaMobile26.3 ¢/min
rate 1GuadeloupeLandline2.0 ¢/min
rate 1GuadeloupeMobile7.2 ¢/min
rate 1GuamLandline1.2 ¢/min
rate 1GuamMobile1.7 ¢/min
rate 1GuatemalaLandline11.4 ¢/min
rate 1GuatemalaMobile12.2 ¢/min
rate 1GuineaLandline39.2 ¢/min
rate 1GuineaMobile41.1 ¢/min
rate 1Guinea-BissauLandline16.9 ¢/min
rate 1Guinea-BissauMobile41.0 ¢/min
rate 1Guinea-BissauSpecial services55.9 ¢/min
rate 1GuyanaLandline29.3 ¢/min
rate 1GuyanaMobile21.9 ¢/min
rate 1HaitiLandline21.1 ¢/min
rate 1HaitiMobile26.3 ¢/min
rate 1HondurasLandline15.3 ¢/min
rate 1HondurasMobile15.3 ¢/min
rate 1Hong KongLandline1.5 ¢/min
rate 1Hong KongMobile3.1 ¢/min
rate 1HungaryLandline1.7 ¢/min
rate 1HungaryMobile7.6 ¢/min
rate 1IcelandLandline1.6 ¢/min
rate 1IcelandMobile8.0 ¢/min
rate 1IndiaLandline1.6 ¢/min
rate 1IndiaMobile1.6 ¢/min
rate 1IndonesiaLandline4.7 ¢/min
rate 1IndonesiaMobile4.5 ¢/min
rate 1IranLandline4.5 ¢/min
rate 1IranMobile5.6 ¢/min
rate 1IraqLandline15.3 ¢/min
rate 1IraqMobile25.5 ¢/min
rate 1IrelandLandline1.5 ¢/min
rate 1IrelandMobile6.0 ¢/min
rate 1IsraelLandline4.5 ¢/min
rate 1IsraelMobile13.3 ¢/min
rate 1ItalyLandline1.5 ¢/min
rate 1ItalyMobile4.5 ¢/min
rate 1JamaicaLandline8.6 ¢/min
rate 1JamaicaMobile23.9 ¢/min
rate 1JapanLandline2.4 ¢/min
rate 1JapanMobile8.4 ¢/min
rate 1JordanLandline11.4 ¢/min
rate 1JordanMobile15.3 ¢/min
rate 1KazakhstanLandline1.5 ¢/min
rate 1KazakhstanMobile18.0 ¢/min
rate 1KenyaLandline15.3 ¢/min
rate 1KenyaMobile7.6 ¢/min
rate 1KiribatiLandline61.2 ¢/min
rate 1KiribatiMobile61.2 ¢/min
rate 1Korea (North)Landline23.1 ¢/min
rate 1Korea (North)Special39.9 ¢/min
rate 1Korea (South)Landline1.3 ¢/min
rate 1Korea (South)Mobile2.5 ¢/min
rate 1KuwaitLandline7.6 ¢/min
rate 1KuwaitMobile7.6 ¢/min
rate 1KyrgyzstanLandline10.0 ¢/min
rate 1KyrgyzstanMobile16.5 ¢/min
rate 1LaosLandline4.5 ¢/min
rate 1LaosMobile6.5 ¢/min
rate 1LatviaLandline4.5 ¢/min
rate 1LatviaMobile11.0 ¢/min
rate 1LebanonLandline9.6 ¢/min
rate 1LebanonMobile19.2 ¢/min
rate 1LesothoLandline19.2 ¢/min
rate 1LesothoMobile22.5 ¢/min
rate 1LiberiaLandline46.2 ¢/min
rate 1LiberiaMobile46.2 ¢/min
rate 1LibyaLandline23.0 ¢/min
rate 1LibyaMobile23.0 ¢/min
rate 1LiechtensteinLandline8.1 ¢/min
rate 1LiechtensteinMobile14.2 ¢/min
rate 1LiechtensteinSpecial Services53.2 ¢/min
rate 1LithuaniaLandline1.9 ¢/min
rate 1LithuaniaMobile5.3 ¢/min
rate 1LithuaniaPersonal79.8 ¢/min
rate 1LuxembourgLandline1.5 ¢/min
rate 1LuxembourgMobile19.2 ¢/min
rate 1Macao, ChinaLandline5.3 ¢/min
rate 1Macao, ChinaMobile7.3 ¢/min
rate 1MacedoniaLandline12.6 ¢/min
rate 1MacedoniaMobile42.0 ¢/min
rate 1MadagascarGulfsat93.1 ¢/min
rate 1MadagascarLandline64.0 ¢/min
rate 1MadagascarMobile78.5 ¢/min
rate 1MalawiLandline11.3 ¢/min
rate 1MalawiMobile38.6 ¢/min
rate 1MalaysiaLandline1.5 ¢/min
rate 1MalaysiaMobile2.9 ¢/min
rate 1MaldivesLandline85.3 ¢/min
rate 1MaldivesMobile76.6 ¢/min
rate 1MaliLandline21.7 ¢/min
rate 1MaliMobile32.3 ¢/min
rate 1MaltaLandline2.1 ¢/min
rate 1MaltaMobile7.6 ¢/min
rate 1Mariana IslandsLandline2.3 ¢/min
rate 1Mariana IslandsMobile2.9 ¢/min
rate 1Marshall IslandsLandline28.9 ¢/min
rate 1Marshall IslandsMobile28.9 ¢/min
rate 1MartiniqueLandline1.9 ¢/min
rate 1MartiniqueMobile8.9 ¢/min
rate 1MauritaniaLandline11.4 ¢/min
rate 1MauritaniaMobile46.0 ¢/min
rate 1MauritiusLandline13.4 ¢/min
rate 1MauritiusMobile12.4 ¢/min
rate 1MayotteLandline26.3 ¢/min
rate 1MayotteMobile38.8 ¢/min
rate 1MexicoLandline0.9 ¢/min
rate 1MexicoMobile3.7 ¢/min
rate 1MicronesiaLandline23.0 ¢/min
rate 1MicronesiaMobile23.0 ¢/min
rate 1MoldovaLandline18.5 ¢/min
rate 1MoldovaMobile25.0 ¢/min
rate 1MoldovaTransnistria11.0 ¢/min
rate 1MonacoLandline7.6 ¢/min
rate 1MonacoMobile35.8 ¢/min
rate 1MongoliaLandline4.5 ¢/min
rate 1MongoliaMobile4.5 ¢/min
rate 1MontenegroLandline15.3 ¢/min
rate 1MontenegroMobile38.6 ¢/min
rate 1MontserratLandline23.0 ¢/min
rate 1MontserratMobile23.0 ¢/min
rate 1MoroccoFixed Meditel12.0 ¢/min
rate 1MoroccoLandline2.4 ¢/min
rate 1MoroccoMobile23.0 ¢/min
rate 1MozambiqueLandline7.6 ¢/min
rate 1MozambiqueMobile23.0 ¢/min
rate 1MyanmarLandline24.6 ¢/min
rate 1MyanmarMobile24.6 ¢/min
rate 1NamibiaLandline4.5 ¢/min
rate 1NamibiaMobile15.3 ¢/min
rate 1NauruLandline83.8 ¢/min
rate 1NauruMobile83.8 ¢/min
rate 1NepalLandline11.4 ¢/min
rate 1NepalMobile11.4 ¢/min
rate 1NetherlandsLandline1.7 ¢/min
rate 1NetherlandsMobile6.0 ¢/min
rate 1Netherlands AntillesBonaire4.9 ¢/min
rate 1Netherlands AntillesCuracao7.3 ¢/min
rate 1Netherlands AntillesLandline6.9 ¢/min
rate 1Netherlands AntillesMobile12.4 ¢/min
rate 1Netherlands AntillesSt. Marteens6.4 ¢/min
rate 1New CaledoniaLandline23.0 ¢/min
rate 1New CaledoniaMobile23.0 ¢/min
rate 1New ZealandLandline1.5 ¢/min
rate 1New ZealandMobile6.0 ¢/min
rate 1NicaraguaLandline15.3 ¢/min
rate 1NicaraguaMobile25.9 ¢/min
rate 1NigerLandline11.4 ¢/min
rate 1NigerMobile21.4 ¢/min
rate 1NigerSpacemob1.60 $/min
rate 1NigeriaLandline6.0 ¢/min
rate 1NigeriaMobile5.2 ¢/min
rate 1NiueLandline34.7 ¢/min
rate 1NiueMobile34.7 ¢/min
rate 1NorwayLandline1.5 ¢/min
rate 1NorwayMobile4.5 ¢/min
rate 1OmanLandline11.4 ¢/min
rate 1OmanMobile26.9 ¢/min
rate 1OmanPager28.3 ¢/min
rate 1PakistanLandline10.6 ¢/min
rate 1PakistanMobile4.5 ¢/min
rate 1PalauLandline31.8 ¢/min
rate 1PalauMobile31.8 ¢/min
rate 1PalestineLandline18.8 ¢/min
rate 1PalestineMobile18.8 ¢/min
rate 1PanamaLandline4.5 ¢/min
rate 1PanamaMobile13.7 ¢/min
rate 1PanamaPremium73.4 ¢/min
rate 1Papua New GuineaLandline42.7 ¢/min
rate 1Papua New GuineaMobile42.7 ¢/min
rate 1ParaguayLandline4.5 ¢/min
rate 1ParaguayMobile11.4 ¢/min
rate 1PeruLandline1.5 ¢/min
rate 1PeruMobile7.6 ¢/min
rate 1PeruRural2.1 ¢/min
rate 1PhilippinesLandline14.6 ¢/min
rate 1PhilippinesMobile14.6 ¢/min
rate 1PolandLandline1.5 ¢/min
rate 1PolandMobile4.5 ¢/min
rate 1PortugalLandline1.5 ¢/min
rate 1PortugalMobile4.5 ¢/min
rate 1Puerto RicoLandline0.9 ¢/min
rate 1Puerto RicoMobile1.5 ¢/min
rate 1QatarLandline19.2 ¢/min
rate 1QatarMobile19.2 ¢/min
rate 1Reunion IslandLandline5.2 ¢/min
rate 1Reunion IslandMobile9.6 ¢/min
rate 1RomaniaLandline2.3 ¢/min
rate 1RomaniaMobile6.0 ¢/min
rate 1RussiaLandline4.0 ¢/min
rate 1RussiaMobile5.3 ¢/min
rate 1RwandaLandline35.9 ¢/min
rate 1RwandaMobile31.1 ¢/min
rate 1RwandaRwandatel Fixed35.5 ¢/min
rate 1Saint HelenaLandline1.82 $/min
rate 1Saint HelenaTristan de cunha1.15 $/min
rate 1Saint Kitts and NevisLandline12.9 ¢/min
rate 1Saint Kitts and NevisMobile26.1 ¢/min
rate 1Saint LuciaLandline15.3 ¢/min
rate 1Saint LuciaMobile25.5 ¢/min
rate 1Saint Pierre and MiquelonLandline17.0 ¢/min
rate 1Saint Pierre and MiquelonMobile30.7 ¢/min
rate 1Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesLandline18.4 ¢/min
rate 1Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesMobile26.6 ¢/min
rate 1SamoaLandline59.1 ¢/min
rate 1SamoaMobile59.1 ¢/min
rate 1San MarinoCONF SVC Reg.1.23 $/min
rate 1San MarinoLandline2.3 ¢/min
rate 1San MarinoMobile2.3 ¢/min
rate 1Sao Tome and PrincipeLandline96.6 ¢/min
rate 1Sao Tome and PrincipeSpecial79.0 ¢/min
rate 1Saudi ArabiaDhahran7.6 ¢/min
rate 1Saudi ArabiaLandline7.6 ¢/min
rate 1Saudi ArabiaMobile12.0 ¢/min
rate 1SenegalLandline23.0 ¢/min
rate 1SenegalMobile66.4 ¢/min
rate 1SerbiaBelgrade14.9 ¢/min
rate 1SerbiaIpko Fixnet5.3 ¢/min
rate 1SerbiaKosovo9.2 ¢/min
rate 1SerbiaLandline11.6 ¢/min
rate 1SerbiaMobile40.3 ¢/min
rate 1SerbiaOrion10.4 ¢/min
rate 1SeychellesLandline30.7 ¢/min
rate 1SeychellesSky53.2 ¢/min
rate 1Sierra LeoneLandline48.3 ¢/min
rate 1Sierra LeoneMobile50.5 ¢/min
rate 1SingaporeLandline1.2 ¢/min
rate 1SingaporeMobile1.2 ¢/min
rate 1SlovakiaLandline1.5 ¢/min
rate 1SlovakiaMobile13.0 ¢/min
rate 1SloveniaLandline4.5 ¢/min
rate 1SloveniaMobile23.0 ¢/min
rate 1Solomon IslandsLandline27.8 ¢/min
rate 1Solomon IslandsMobile27.8 ¢/min
rate 1SomaliASGSM Premium51.9 ¢/min
rate 1SomaliGolis45.6 ¢/min
rate 1SomaliHormuud50.0 ¢/min
rate 1SomaliLandline49.9 ¢/min
rate 1SomaliMobile49.5 ¢/min
rate 1SomaliNation Link51.7 ¢/min
rate 1SomaliSoltelco16.6 ¢/min
rate 1SomaliSomafone52.0 ¢/min
rate 1SomaliSomtel33.5 ¢/min
rate 1SomaliSTG26.3 ¢/min
rate 1SomaliTelcom44.3 ¢/min
rate 1South AfricaLandline2.8 ¢/min
rate 1South AfricaMobile5.7 ¢/min
rate 1South AfricaOLO6.0 ¢/min
rate 1SpainLandline1.5 ¢/min
rate 1SpainMobile4.5 ¢/min
rate 1Sri LankaLandline11.4 ¢/min
rate 1Sri LankaMobile12.1 ¢/min
rate 1SudanLandline11.7 ¢/min
rate 1SudanMobile17.0 ¢/min
rate 1SurinameLandline16.6 ¢/min
rate 1SurinameMobile22.6 ¢/min
rate 1SwazilandLandline7.6 ¢/min
rate 1SwazilandMobile17.7 ¢/min
rate 1SwedenLandline1.1 ¢/min
rate 1SwedenMobile4.5 ¢/min
rate 1SwitzerlandGeneva1.5 ¢/min
rate 1SwitzerlandLandline3.3 ¢/min
rate 1SwitzerlandMobile25.4 ¢/min
rate 1SwitzerlandZurich1.5 ¢/min
rate 1SyriaLandline12.4 ¢/min
rate 1SyriaMobile19.4 ¢/min
rate 1TaiwanLandline1.5 ¢/min
rate 1TaiwanMobile8.2 ¢/min
rate 1TajikistanLandline10.6 ¢/min
rate 1TajikistanMobile14.5 ¢/min
rate 1TanzaniaLandline33.9 ¢/min
rate 1TanzaniaMobile33.9 ¢/min
rate 1ThailandLandline1.5 ¢/min
rate 1ThailandMobile1.6 ¢/min
rate 1Timor-LesteLandline1.03 $/min
rate 1Timor-LesteMobile1.01 $/min
rate 1TogoLandline36.0 ¢/min
rate 1TogoMobile39.0 ¢/min
rate 1TokelauLandline1.32 $/min
rate 1TokelauMobile1.32 $/min
rate 1Tonga IslandsLandline29.7 ¢/min
rate 1Tonga IslandsMobile29.7 ¢/min
rate 1Trinidad and TobagoLandline7.6 ¢/min
rate 1Trinidad and TobagoMobile23.0 ¢/min
rate 1TunisiaLandline29.1 ¢/min
rate 1TunisiaMobile46.6 ¢/min
rate 1TurkeyLandline4.5 ¢/min
rate 1TurkeyMobile17.8 ¢/min
rate 1TurkmenistanLandline13.3 ¢/min
rate 1TurkmenistanMobile13.3 ¢/min
rate 1Turks and Caicos IslandsLandline10.1 ¢/min
rate 1Turks and Caicos IslandsMobile24.5 ¢/min
rate 1TuvaluLandline32.5 ¢/min
rate 1TuvaluMobile32.5 ¢/min
rate 1UgandaLandline32.3 ¢/min
rate 1UgandaMobile33.2 ¢/min
rate 1UkraineDnepropetrovsk13.3 ¢/min
rate 1UkraineDonetsk13.3 ¢/min
rate 1UkraineKharkov13.3 ¢/min
rate 1UkraineLandline12.9 ¢/min
rate 1UkraineMobile19.3 ¢/min
rate 1UkraineOdessa13.3 ¢/min
rate 1United Arab EmiratesLandline19.2 ¢/min
rate 1United Arab EmiratesMobile19.2 ¢/min
rate 1United KingdomLandline1.2 ¢/min
rate 1United KingdomMobile5.2 ¢/min
rate 1United KingdomPremium38.3 ¢/min
rate 1United StatesAlaska1.7 ¢/min
rate 1United StatesDirectory Assistance99.8 ¢/min
rate 1United StatesHawaii1.1 ¢/min
rate 1United StatesLandline0.9 ¢/min
rate 1United StatesMobile0.9 ¢/min
rate 1UruguayLandline6.0 ¢/min
rate 1UruguayMobile19.2 ¢/min
rate 1US Virgin IslandsLandline2.3 ¢/min
rate 1US Virgin IslandsMobile2.3 ¢/min
rate 1UzbekistanLandline8.4 ¢/min
rate 1UzbekistanMobile8.4 ¢/min
rate 1VanuatuLandline45.2 ¢/min
rate 1VanuatuMobile45.2 ¢/min
rate 1VaticanLandline1.1 ¢/min
rate 1VenezuelaLandline0.9 ¢/min
rate 1VenezuelaMobile4.5 ¢/min
rate 1VietnamLandline6.0 ¢/min
rate 1VietnamMobile9.8 ¢/min
rate 1Wallis and FutunaLandline46.6 ¢/min
rate 1Wallis and FutunaMobile46.6 ¢/min
rate 1YemenLandline15.3 ¢/min
rate 1YemenMobile15.3 ¢/min
rate 1ZambiaLandline7.6 ¢/min
rate 1ZambiaMobile15.3 ¢/min
rate 1ZimbabweLandline100000 ¢/min
rate 1ZimbabweMobile100000 ¢/min